Who Are We

Walk to the cross

Non-Denominational Ministry

The Challenge newspaper is designed and written for the non-Christian so that every believer who understands saving faith through Jesus Christ can witness to whoever they want to share the Gospel with.

We exist to come along side the Christian who wishes to share their faith, providing them with the evangelical tool of the Challenge Newspaper so they can get started with sharing their faith, or sending the paper to places they are not able to go.


The terminology we use is simple so that everyone can understand what they are reading. It is written in everyday language so that it is non-theological or technical.

We partner with ministries and churches that believe in saving faith through Jesus Christ.

It is a great tool to connect the Gospel to whatever you do in your church, ministry, or life.

Paper Creation And Distribution

From our office in Perth, Western Australia, we have journalists, editors and graphics designers that collect stories, testimonies and helpful articles. Once the paper is collated, digital files are sent to partnering printers around the world where we have distribution headquarters.

Designed to look like an everyday newspaper, we are conscious of how we present and craft each addition of the paper so that the non-Christian feels at ease with receiving and reading the paper.

Mission Trips and Evangelism Support

Challenge co-ordinates and participates in a number of Mission Trips throughout the year to help people move out of their normal environment to learn how to evangelise and develop their prayer life. We've found that it's often easier for people to get started or grow their confidence in a new environment.

Many people have found the trips life changing and it has lit a flame for evangelism in their own communities once they've returned home.

We have a training called "Everyday Evangelism" that aims to give Christians the confidence to share their faith in ordinary, everyday life.

The simple principles and process of

Pray, Sow, Water, Reap, Disciple

We encourage you to consider, who's the one person you want to "gossip the Gospel" to?

Who is your One? Mum, dad, work colleagues, college mates, a friend, a sibling?

You can begin the process of "Everyday Evangelism" to begin reaching someone you love today.


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