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General Edition


About the General Edition

Includes testimonies of everyday people whose lives have been changed through faith in Christ.

Also includes children's pages, practical helps on marriage, finance, teenage page, Sports testimonies.

“If you are looking for a tool to enhance your evangelism efforts in your local context, this could be exactly what you are looking for. It's a great reflection of the gospel that tells true, life changing and life touching stories. Couldn’t you find a place for it in your evangelism platform?”

Jack Helton , Ohio State Evangelism Director

Prison Edition


About the Prison Edition

Available in South Africa and the USA sharing testimonies that are relatable for those who are incarcerated.

“The Challenge Good News Paper, Prison Edition, is like the Yellow Pages —in that it does the walking for us. We may not be able to get into every prison, however, the Good News paper gets into every prison, every cell, and ultimately every heart. We are impacting one of the least reached people groups.”

Pastor Willy Dengler, World Hope

Spanish Edition


About the Spanish Edition

Written in Spanish

Only available in the USA

"On Tuesday we covered 25 city blocks around the church of QUEVEDO, leaving a newspaper at each door. On Wednesday we handed out 11.000 papers in the downtown part of Cordoba and another 8.000 papers at the end of the city for a total distribution of 35,000 papers. What an impact for the kingdom!"

Pastor Will Herndon, Formerly of Argentina

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