What We Do

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Research, Collect and Collate

Our journalistic staff do online reasearch

People will submit their own testimonies.

We have partner publications where we share stories with each other.

If you would like to share your testimony here

Print and Distribution

Challenge newspaper is printed in Australia, South Africa, Kenya, the UK, The USA and the Philippines.

Distribution happens through out partner organisations in each of these print hubs. For example we work with Multi Ministries in South Africa to print and distribute throughout South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Evangelism Support

As an organisation, we provide eveangelsim support through

  • direct promotion into churches e.g. challenge representative.
  • providing evangelism seminars called everyday evangelism. (Link coming soon)
  • providing ideas sheets and sample inserts to include with your paper to promote your own church, programs and outreach activities that relate to the non-Christian. See ideas sheet here

How We Can Partner With You

Contact the main office to discuss the potential for new editions

Order papers to use in your local community and outreach activities.

Share testimonies from within your church.

Learning how to engage your people in "gossipping the Gospel".

Impact trips - we will join you on Mission trips with orientations, basic training, children's ministry, street ministry to help young people develop evangelism skills.

Helping you discover what you can do to reach your community with the Gospel from the vast experience of working with churches and ministries all over the world.

Help you see how you can connect the Gospel with outreach and Ministries you already have running.

Helping people clarify what is the Gospel and how to communicate it in everyday language.

We are able to do a print overrun on orders of 1000 papers or more that will include any of our church or ministry information.

The front will have your Church/Ministry name and the rear will have all of your contact information so that if someone picks up the paper they will know who to contact in their local area.

Actions To Take

Read Our Blog

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Talk To Someone

Share A Testimony