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Clearly communicating Jesus Christ and His plan of salvation for mankind to all people.

Challenge is reaching into places we cannot go, leaving a gift that can be read by others, sharing testimonies of changed lives, and giving hope to the lost in a simple and relatable way.


Challenge Literature Fellowship is a non-profit organization that publishes evangelistic newspapers to encourage and help Christians share their faith regularly, give readers the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ and to reach the lost with the Good News of Christ.

Mission Statement: The vision of Challenge is to clearly communicate Jesus Christ and His plan of salvation for mankind to all people.

History: Challenge was founded in 1978 by Eric Evans and its headquarters is located in Perth, Western Australia. Having no working experience in printing, Eric trusted God to give him skills, resources, and people to get out the Good News. The first edition was published in August 1980. Two years later, Eric was joined by Carl Carmody as editor-in-Chief. Since then, Challenge has grown into a global resource distributing the Good News in multiple languages to people all across the world.

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Why does Challenge exist? To communicate Christ through the printed page.
Challenge is a bi-monthly paper that includes testimonies of lives changed by the Lord Jesus Christ. It is written in an easy to read manner purposely for the non-Christian.

What makes Challenge unique?

The Challenge Good News is written specifically for the person on the street that may never enter a church.

Besides testimonies, Challenge includes articles on good health, science, better marriages, parenting, and sports, as well as games for children and recipes for homemakers

The Challenge Newspaper is a mission tool
• It assists local evangelism and Church Plants
• It sows truth in countries newly opened to the Gospel
• It helps to reach prisoners

In the United States, the Challenge produces three editions.
Main edition (English)
Spanish edition **
Prison edition
** Note: at this writing, the Spanish edition is produced only four-times a year.
The USA also produces special editions (printed when ordered in amounts larger than 5000 newspapers)
• Canadian edition
• Haiti edition

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Challenge Newspaper Reach
The Challenge newspaper is distributed internationally:
• Australia
• Africa (South Africa, Malawi, Kenya and Zimbabwe)
• Canada
• Cuba
• Haiti
• South America
• United Kingdom and Europe
• United States

Challenge Prison Ministry
The Prison edition is distributed in prisons throughout the United States and Canadian prisons.

The Challenge Prison Ministry was born in 2011 to reach the U.S. prison system which is a vast mission field. Challenge wanted to bring the Good News to prisoners who are desperate for hope. Additionally, to assist the prison chaplains by reinforcing their tireless efforts as they serve the prison community.

Prison Ministry Mission Statement: Our mission is to share the Gospel with those imprisoned and our vision is to provide support to prison chaplains and to those who respond.

As of today, the Challenge newspaper is in over 360 prisons throughout the United States and Canada. The response to these newspapers has been immense. Chaplains inform us that the prison edition disappears from their shelves.

Prisoners write and tell us how the articles have encouraged them to learn more about Jesus and His saving grace. These prisoners are hungry to know that they too can be forgiven and redeemed.

Challenge forges partnerships with the prison Chaplains to promote discipleship of inmates and their families. Many prisoners respond to a notice placed in the prison edition for Crossroads Prison Ministry (CPM). All requests for more biblical material like Bibles and Bible studies are sent on to CPM to correspond with the prisoners' request. In 2018 alone, we have received over 1160 prisoner responses to the gospel message which is included in every Challenge newspaper.

About Challenge

  • ​Nonprofit Organization
  • ​Available as an Evangelical Newspaper to encourage and help Christians share their faith regularly
  • Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia with other branches in the USA and South Africa
  • Founded By Eric Evans who, having no working experience in printing, trusted God would give him the skills, resources, and people to spread the Good News
  • Published its First Edition in August 1980 when the idea was born in Eric's living room
  • ​Joined in 1982 by Carl Carmody, Editor-In-Chief who utilized his degree in TV and film media
  • ​Dispensed globally as a resource used by God to bless others
  • ​Distributed in multiple languages to people across the world

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