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Learn To Share Your Faith

Are You Struggling To Share Your Faith?

We help Christians clearly communicate Jesus Christ and His plan for salvation with those who are in their home, neighbourhood, work place, community or living far away.

Challenge is a simple yet effective tool that shares stories of HOPE. By providing this high quality paper that goes where you cannot go or says what you don't feel equipped to say.

It holds true stories of how Jesus changes lives and other uplifting messages. We make is easy for you to share with others.

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Simple Steps:

Take the paper, then hand someone the gift.

No Special Skills:

Simply give or leave the paper for others to read.

A Quality Resource:

A well-received tool that has a message of hope.

For Any Age:

Suitable for all ages, all people and all abilities.

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These People Overcame Their Fear Of Sharing


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Would You Like To Gain Confidence To Share Jesus TOO?

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1. Order

Choose the most suitable edition for your needs (General, Spanish, Prison) and simply fill out the order form. Papers are printed 6 times a year and will be shipped to you.

Dates and pricing are available here.

Sharing paper in Africa

2. Share

Once you have your papers, hand them out or distribute to areas of ministry or outreach. Explain the purpose and opportunity that every individual has to share the Gospel through the Good News Paper.

For more information, see our ideas below.

challenge pack

3. Follow Up

This is a critical part of any ministry. Don't share a glimmer of hope and then abandon. Take time to equip your people or yourself with resources to follow up those who have received a paper. They are waiting to see if they are important enough for this message.

Is there something we can help you with now? Please reach out!

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