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Challenge needs your testimony!

  • Challenge is written for non-Christians in order to help them to know the Lord Jesus Christ. This occurs through reading personal stories of how others came to trust in Him as their Lord and Savior and by hearing about the difference He has made in their lives.


  • Your conversion to Jesus Christ is a miracle and a wonderful means of witnessing to a lost world.


  • Writing a testimony for Challenge involves answering a testimony outline sheet of five questions regarding how you lived before you came to know Jesus Christ, how you committed your life to Him, and how you live now.


  • ​These outline questions are available as a Microsoft Word document, Open Document Format, and PDF.


  • ​With your permission, your testimony may be published in Australia, USA, several countries in Southern Africa including South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Argentina and India.

Writing a Testimony

  • The testimony outline sheet, written in chronological order for easy understanding, is the guide we use for testimonies.


  • When you write, avoid using terms and phrases that only Christians would understand. Tell the truth about yourself – your failures, problems and hopes. As people read and see themselves in a story, they will (God willing) believe what you have to say about your faith and embrace it in their own lives.


  • If you have any questions, please write to us. If you feel God is leading you to share your testimony, we pray that writing your story is a blessing to you and to thousands of people who do not yet know Christ.

Or Enter Your Testimony Here (or use the PDF/word document below)

Have you seen a touching testimony somewhere else?

Have you come across a testimony (particularly a sports testimony) on the Internet or elsewhere that would be suitable for Challenge? Please let us know in the box below.


Please email a RECENT, HIGH QUALITY PHOTOGRAPH of yourself.
Pictures give a human touch to an article and allow people to relate to your story.
Photograph checklist:
o Clear facial features (good lighting, in focus, etc.)
o Image quality is greater than 500KB (no photos saved from Facebook or low quality emailed photos)
o Recent photograph (taken within the last 6 months; supply older photographs if relevant to your story)
o Variety if possible (eg. vertical and horizontal shots, single portrait shots, with family if relevant, etc.)

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