In a world in which there has been so much change,

Have you heard the message of real HOPE?

Read About People Whose Lives

Have Been Tranformed Through This Hope.

Now more than ever, people need a message of HOPE!

"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations, and then the end will come." Mt 24:14

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We imagine a world in which EVERY PERSON has the opportunity ....

Are you ready to join us in

Sharing Eternal Hope...

That Truly Transforms Lives?

Challenge News is a simple tool to help you get started.

Testimony of changed lives.

Written especially for the "unchurched".

As Christians, we have an incredible Gift to offer to others,


Perhaps you have a burning desire to share the Gospel, but you just don't know how to get started!

You find that both fear and guilt paralyse you.


We are building a movement of believers who


by equipping them to take the first steps.

We understand that with each small win, your confidence grows.

Challenge News has been created to help you take that first step to share your faith,

AND the opportunity to experience the incredible joy of seeing someone accept Christ.

Watch This Video To Find Out

How We Are Helping Christians And Churches To Impact Their Communities.

Would love to put a video here of Carl and Kevin sharing very briefly about the "Impact" Movement"

Ready To Impact Your Community?

Order Some Papers

Order papers yourself or ask your church if they'd like to order a batch to compliment local outreach.

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Hand Them Out To Others

Hand them out to family, friends or neighbours. Take them to your workplace, community gathering.

A Simple     Follow Up

Reach out and ask if they had any thoughts or questions. The door may open now or later, to further conversation.

Need help? Here

If You Are Struggling to Share Your Faith...

sharing jesus

We can help you to clearly share about Jesus Christ and His plan of salvation for all people.

By providing a high quality tool that goes where you cannot go, and shares what you cannot say.
Challenge has true stories of how Jesus changes lives that you can share with others, opening doors for you to share your own faith with those you care about.

We partner with you  whether you are a .....





To Learn More ... Watch This Video.

Stack of Challenge papers

"Tom" understood the good news of Jesus when he read someone else's story of transformation.

Problems, Pains, solutions, results = celebration

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General Edition


“If you are looking for a tool to enhance your evangelism efforts in your local context, this could be exactly what you are looking for. It's a great reflection of the gospel that tells true, life changing and life touching stories. Couldn’t you find a place for it in your evangelism platform?”

Jack Helton , Ohio State Evangelism Director

Prison Edition


“The Challenge Good News Paper, Prison Edition, is like the Yellow Pages —in that it does the walking for us. We may not be able to get into every prison, however, the Good News paper gets into every prison, every cell, and ultimately every heart. We are impacting one of the least reached people groups.”

Pastor Willy Dengler, World Hope

Spanish Edition


“If you are looking for a tool to enhance your evangelism efforts in your local context, this could be exactly what you are looking for. It's a great reflection of the gospel that tells true, life changing and life touching stories. Couldn’t you find a place for it in your evangelism platform?”

Pastor Will Herndon, Argentina

Hear What Others Have To Say

Tom Pendergrass, Urbancrest at Lebanon, Ohio

"I’m writing to you today as the Senior Pastor of Urbancrest at Lebanon and as a disciple of Christ who looks at the overwhelming number of unsaved people all around me. Challenge The Good News Paper can help your congregation reach your community in a unique way that is biblical, relevant and affordable, the same way it is helping churches across the United States and in Australia, New Zealand, Africa and South America."

From A Prisoner

"As I look into the mirror I find a stained image. One who has spent many a moon in his own bondage  as you can tell by the return address. I needed to tell you what your newspaper has meant to me. To say this will cause me to drop a few points in my “gangsta” hood, but so be it. Reading what so many souls were saying about God well, it seemed as if I could hear them speaking into my soul. It made me wonder if there is life or hope for someone like me. I don’t deserve it as I’ve left nothing in my wake but heartache and pain. My only claim to fame-crime. I have wasted 40 years of my life. You have taken a harden man and given him hope. Your newspaper has made a difference in at least one life. You’ve given me sunshine where there was once so much darkness. I am not asking for you to feel my pain but simply to remember my chains." - Prisoner D. in Alabama

From A Chaplain

"I received the Challenge News Paper today. Without a doubt it is one of the best new papers that I  have received at this Chapel. It is well written and gives inmate’s activities which they enjoy and need. Thank you for sending it and please send it to us on a regular basis."

 Alan “Bo” Hammock, Senior Chaplain                            Suwannee C.I. Annex

From Pastors

“We distributed copies of the paper to Peace Makers Fellowship church and at Kolweny Market. We had distributed 8,000 copies within less than an hour. People rushed to get the paper. They came on motorbikes, bikes and on foot just to get a copy. We bless the Lord as many people have called us just to testify how the paper has blessed them.” - Pastor Paul Dondoh in Nyakatch, Kenya

From Families

"I took my daughters for ice-cream. We placed a couple pf papers on tables then sat back and watched people pick them up to read them. I am not confident in sharing my faith but we were so excited to see how we could share the paper so easily and people could hear about Jesus." - Joel, Everyday Dad

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