Is There HOPE In This Chaotic World

In A World That's Gone Mad, Is There Any Hope?

Is There HOPE In This Chaotic World



Here I am sitting at home in front of my computer screen, scrolling through social media, trying to figure out where I stand in the middle of this 2020 year! This year, the one where I thought I was going to have 2020 focus .... to finally see my "vision" clearly  and realise some dreams! You know .... that resolution where I'm cutting out all the excess noise, overcoming the "shiny object" syndrome, taking steps towards change, and truly achieving some of those goals I keep setting!

Well, you can guess how that's turning out, can't you?

I'm sure you can relate to this scenario ... Apple news pops up on my phone; the headlines say it all .... there's chaos in the world! Shut that down quickly! That's exactly why I've quit watching the news on TV! What hope does it ever bring? Can we even trust what they're saying? Are they on a mission to drive us all crazy with fear? Is it possible they could share a little hope in a year where it seems we hardly know what each day ... each week ... each month may bring?

Let's try a little escaping; scroll through social media looking for  something interesting, maybe some connection, perhaps a little good news! Oh boy!!! What do we have here .... mud slinging, bullying, abuse, posts that share agendas and oppinions that should be discussed in person, followed by a barage of opposing views which turn into an ugly cyber fight!

The trouble is ... I get so easily drawn in! It's almost like and addiction, yes, an addiction to drama .... just as we have been "trained" to do. There's no denying the impact of this, I feel it physically, mentally, emotionally. I wonder .... "Do these people really feel any better for their involvement, for the name calling and the angry hit backs?" I doubt it! I remember why I removed social media from my phone where it's too easily accessible, and I know I'm not alone.

But wait! I see a movement! A movement of people. It's small, but they're there, wanting to bring a glimmer of hope in the midst of this darkness. Sometimes it's just a meme, or a photo, even a joke. Then there's the occasional good news story. My spirits are raised, I'm reminded there is good in the world, even in this year ... and then BAM! Politics hits ... and the roller coaster begins it's decent!

Perhaps this is why there's a wave of people retreating from the digital media world. It's kept us connected through these strange times of isolation ... and we are grateful for that! But now many are craving for the in person connection, something that feels real, and free .... and hopeful! A level of intimacy that cannot be found online.

I step away, and step out. I make a cuppa and walk out to the back deck, sit down and .... breathe! It is peaceful. There are the noises of everyday life, and of nature. I deliberately turn my thoughts to other things; it has become a necessary habit ... to capture them, weigh them against truth, and deal with them appropriately.

And then ..... I open my book, His Word ... the one that reminds me that I should not be surprised by what is going on. He told us, it's right there! However, He does not leave us in despair. His Word breathe's life back in, gives hope, speaks truth, reminds me that the connection and intimacy I experience with Him is like no other, even here on earth. And I dream. I dream of what it will be like when there are no more tears, no more pain, when the lion will lay with the lamb ... and I feel restored.

Yes, there is HOPE! And I have that hope because of His Son.

I have so much to be grateful for. I rest in knowing that "His ways are higher" than mine, His vision is bigger than this year, His goal is simple .... that none of His loved ones should perish, but they would be with Him forever, experiencing a peace and intimacy I cannot even fathom.

Hope is restored! Thank you Lord.