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From Pastor Paul Dondoh in Kenya  
Pastor Paul, Micky, Minnie and teacher

Dear Friends,

Greetings in Jesus Name, much of your prayers are always answered. Your efforts both spiritually and materially does not go to waste, as you will read from this story below:-
During our various trips into our churches and the IDP Camps the Lord has really made us see and came to understand various challenges people face in this world.
I came face to face with a mother of one by the name Minnie Muthoni aged 32yrs and her son aged 10yrs Micky both HIV positive. Apparently Micky is a pupil in my school.

Winnies Story:
Hi, my name is Winnie, I am 32yrs old, a single lady widowed by AIDS. I got married in 1997 when I was 22yrs old my husband was the same age, my husband died two years ago.
Actually I was bought up by a single mother when my father died I was only 3yrs old. My mother raised us, a family of seven with much difficulties. I vividly remember that I was in and out of school, to help as a house-help in various homes. In return I would get paid a meager salary to help my single mother.
While in High school I dropped out of school while in form two and did not complete my high school. I got employed at Njoro canning factory as a casual while at age 20yrs. After 2yrs drop from school I got some money and paid my school fees and completed my schooling and passed with grade D+.
Micky with his friends at school.
When problems persisted I got married thinking that marriage would solve my numerous problems. Unfortunately , I got married to a divorcee. After 5 months I conceived. During this period his first wife died and after 6 months his young daughter died. We did not suspect anything and as tradition has it, she died of not performing some rituals after the husband had divorced her. This was not true, I though things were normal as my husband James assured me. He was a healthy man and there was no need to go to hospital for a blood check up.
After 3yrs of marriage my first born and the only child Micky started getting ill. My husband still assured me things were ok.
In the year 2003 my husband started showing funny wounds all over his body and I got worried. I went for HIV test and tested positive. As I went back with the report, which my husband refuted .things changed!
My whole life changed, my expectations in life dimmed and I became hopeless. James started blaming me and I also did the same. Our love faded away rapidly and no sooner than later, our marriage was no more.
In the year 2006 my husband James was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with TB, his condition worsened and later he succumbed to the deadly disease AIDS and died.
After my husband’s burial I took Micky my son for HIV test and he tested positive. The doctor told me that his immunity was very low and he was put straight on drugs and still takes the ARVS up to now.

Micky’s mother with Challenge Paper that blessed her life.
My Salvation:
I was a strong Jehova Witness follower, and believed everything I was told. My mother was also a Jehova Witness believer. But one day I met a group of people, they were distributing a gospel paper called “Challenge”. The paper was very attractive so I took a copy home. I hid it in my handbag, as I didn’t want any Jehova Witness follower to see me. In our church we are not supposed to read any other gospel literature apart from the ones provided by the church.
As I read the paper that night, I discovered many things about God that I didn’t know. I read different moving and blessing testimonies, my life changed. I wanted to know more and more about Jesus. At the back of the paper I found the address & phone number of the distributors. I called that night; I talked to a man called Pastor Paul. Since I wanted more of this “Challenge” he gave me an appointment to see him at his place of work the following day.

A big surprise waited me.
That morning I went to meet this man called Pastor Paul. Guess what? Pastor Paul was one of the teachers in Micky’s School, what a joy! Blessed be the name of the Lord! Pastor Paul led me to confession prayer, I received the Lord Jesus in my life. Pastor Paul gave me more different copies of “Challenge” and his church – Peace Makers Fellowship has been taking care of me and my son Micky both financially and spiritually. I now have hope and one day I will be with Jesus in heaven.
Thank you for Challenge Paper, donors you are doing a good job.

Sister Minnie Muthoni
P.M.F Nakuru

July 16, 2008




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