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Impact Africa 2011
Challenge is still conducting Impact Africa missions in a similar form to that seen on these web pages.
These pages are quite old. We are intending to replace them soon.
In the meantime, please contact Challenge Literature Fellowship Australia for up to date information.

18th July, there is another update to the blog
There is also information on our facebook page

In Johannesburg, South Africa it is 
In Perth, Western Australia it is 
Click here for more detailed information about Johannesburg.

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Team Members
Photos of the team members

About the Impact Africa Project
When are we leaving?
What is the project going to do?
What are the objectives?
About the Impact Africa Project
Daily Schedule
Keep track of where team members are each day
Day by day Prayer Notes
Over the next three weeks our Aussie team of 24 will be involved in various ministry opportunities. These will include: Vacation Bible School, Prison Ministry, Paper Distribution into various areas, Youth Ministry, Christian Leader Institute training, Police Cell Ministry and several new prisons in the Pretoria area as well as a wonderful teaching opportunity for David Kemp in Diepkloof Prison. We will also be involved in Sunday ministry in Churches over three Sundays. Please pray that as a team we will be open to what the Lord wants to teach us as we are stretched in our walk with Him.
Preaching Schedule
Who is preaching, when and where

The team have now all returned.

The team (PDF 1.4mb)


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